The Complete C Developer Course – Build 7 Exciting Projects!

Master the C Programming language by Building real world projects from Beginners to Experts on Windows/Mac os x/Linux

What Will I Learn?

The Complete C Developer Course – Build 7 Exciting Projects!

  • Start to write a code from a Basic ” Hello World ! ” Program .
  • Get the indepth understanding of each & every concept of Programming Practically .
  • Learn Advanced Concepts such as -: Memory Models , Mouse Programming , Keyboard Programming , Preprocessor Directives , Advanced Pointers , Bit Level Programming , Storage classes , Dynamic Memory Allocation , Graphics Programming , Commands line Arguments & More ….
  • Get Exercise Questions after every important lesson for practise .
  • Quizzes to Test knowlege about the subject .
  • Get top 15 programs for practise which can be asked in Exams or in Interviews with source code .
  • Develop Mini File / Folder Protection software .
  • The Develop Own Dos command .
  • Develop a Computer virus ( Just for educational purpose only ! ) .
  • The Develop a Computer game ” Blue Brick Hunter ” .
  • Develop an Advanced Project ” Student Database Management System ” .
  • Learn the ways of making money online/offline based on this course .


  • Students Just Needs the Basic knowledge of Computers to enroll the course .
  • A Computer with Windows / Mac / Linux .


 Welcome to ” The Complete C Developer Course – Build 7 Exciting Projects !” 

C is the most popular programming language in the world .  Do you know the most part of the popular operating system UNIX is written in c . The popular programming languages like PHP , Python , Ruby are also written in c programming language .

This is the worlds best c programming  Course which is designed for those who want to master c programming from absolute beginning & creates the base for those who  wants to learn  c++, java, objective – c .  This course covers each & every concept of programming field in depth practically .

Who is the target audience?

  • For every Student who wants to Learn to code.
  • Every Student who wants to understand each and every concept of programming in depth .
  • For every Student who wants to Learn to build their final year projects on their own .
  • Those who want to make money while Learning to code.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to start a small online Business ( about programming).
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