Do you wish to have your very own Arduino Like PIC Microcontroller Board that you can easily plug via USB and start coding your projects?Are you tired from the process of removing a Microcontroller from the board to reprogram it for development, testing and improving your projects?The Solution is here >> Our Brand New Course >> PIC microcontroller

Pinguino a PIC microcontroller based Arduino Course Download Free

This Course will show you in a step by step manner, how to make your very own PIC Microcontroller USB Enabled Training Board (Just like the Arduino Board)

All that you need to do is plug the USB Cable and start writing your code to PIC Microcontroller in no time and see the results without having to remove anything, healthy helpful testing, and the development environment of your creation.

This guild will help you know how to make PIC Microcontroller Based Arduino Like board at home Step by Step

This tutorial shows you how to build a PIC Microcontroller compatible board, it will take you in a step by step manner to know what each component inside the Arduino board is, and what it does and how to wire it up

You will know what is the actual brain in Pinguino board and what you can do with it and how to interface it with your PC and send codes freely, you will no longer burn code to a board that you know nothing about its hardware.

Who is the target audience?

  • Electronics Geeks
  • Arduino Geeks
  • Anyone Interested in Learning New Things about Pinguino (PIC Microcontroller Based Arduino)
  • Learn Anyone Interested in Knowing how Pinguino (PIC Microcontroller Based Arduino) board works
  • Anyone Interested in Knowing what each component inside Pinguino (PIC Microcontroller Based Arduino) does
  • Pinguino a PIC microcontroller based Arduino Course Download Free
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