“I want to put a ding in the universe.”  – Steve Jobs

This course is designed to keep the beginners in mind. The course will provide you with vast theoretical knowledge and practical examples of each part .there is no need to have any prior knowledge in C++ or electronics but if you have then it is a plus point. The course will deal with a large number of topics from basics to watchdog timers to I2C communication method the Arduino framework as well as how to build simple circuits that flash lights and spin motors.

Following that, we continue our adventure into making noise, sensing the environment, and building a robot.

We will begin our journey by basic knowledge of arduino and micro controllers Then we will go on basic setup processes and connections, after that we will on to running a lot of different motors. After that the sensors details and high level communication. Then the advanced topics with complete knowledge and at the end we will be going to do a complete project with the help of all the things we studied in a real time project. Each video lecture is designed to give you one building block of knowledge.

Almost every lecture is followed by a hands-on exercise where I ask you to expand on that building block or combine several previous blocks.

I provide solutions to each exercise to help you learn. Additionally, most of the sections contain a project that challenges you to synthesize many of the concepts found in that section and from previous sections. Upon completing this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to create fun and useful Arduino projects. The course is broken up into a Simple Projects section, an Intermediate Projects section and an Advanced Projects section allowing you to progress to or start from any level based on how comfortable you are with Arduino.

Course overview

A lot is there to study and we will begin with the basics to beginners then we will move towards intermediate and then to advance levels. A glimpse of the course is as follows:-

Who is the target audience?



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