How to Get Student Loans as an International Student

hey people I’m mike brown from lend EDU, and today we’re talking about how to get student loans as an international student now before going any further it’s always a good idea to first exhaust all of your financial aid options before turning to student loans and this is true whether you’re an international student or if you’re born and raised here in the United States this includes scholarships grants work-study programs and a few other things, but we’ll dive into that later on in the video because even if you exhaust all those financial aid resources it’s still likely you haven’t met the full cost of college
which really seems to rise by the hour these days and this is where student loans for international students comes into play first things first it’s actually pretty hard for international students to get student loans while U.S. citizens can turn to the FAFSA to learn about their federal financial aid options including federal student loans international students do not have this option as they are typically not eligible for federal financial aid, in fact the institute of international education found that 73 percent of international students here in the U.S. rely on financial resources outside the u.s to finance their college education, including family members their country’s home government or even their own personal funds so that while international students can’t rely on federal financial aid from the u.government they do actually have private student loan options in the private market there are international student loans with a cosigner and there are international student loans without a cosigner
we’re going to review both,

but we’re going to start with international student loans with a cosigner as an international student if you can add a creditworthy cosigner who is either a u.s citizen
or a permanent resident to your private student loan application your chances of approval in addition to getting better repayment terms like a lower interest rate should in theory improve that’s why we
recommend applying for an international student loan with a cosigner rather than without one full disclosure here at lend EDU we partner with financial institutions like student loan lenders and are compensated by these partner institutions when we send traffic to their websites and we are partners with two student loan lenders that offer student loans to international students that have a
Cosigners these lenders are citizens bank and ascent for either option interest rates generally range from 1.22 percent to 13.57 percent and also both lenders offer cosigner release if you meet certain requirements like making a certain amount of on-time payments and for both lenders, international student loan amounts can range from as little as one thousand dollars to as much as two hundred thousand dollars be sure to conduct your research on either company before going any further now let’s talk about international student loans without a cosigner if you’re an international student who can’t find a credit-worthy cosigner who is also a u.s citizen or if you simply don’t want to use a co-signer there are still international student loan without cosigner options for you mainly empower financing and prodigy finance both lenders empower financing and prodigy finance
offer student loans to international students without a cosigner as long as you meet their respective requirements which can range from the school you are attending your grades your future earnings and even the country you live in for either an international student loan without a co-signer can have an interest rate that ranges from five percent to fourteen point nine eight percent and like i said earlier for the international student loan with the cosigner options be sure to conduct your own individual research on either before going any further now as i mentioned earlier you should first always exhaust all of your other financial aid options before turning to international student loans with or without a cosigner this mainly includes scholarships and grants as an international student there are a ton of scholarship options whether it be from a private nonprofit or government organization and the internet is really a great place to search for these scholarship options to start consider some online scholarship and grant resources for international students like college board fast web Berkeley college international student scholarships and Fulbright foreign student program other than that some colleges actually

provide direct financial aid to international students typically based on academic accomplishments or if that student has any special skills or abilities after all these colleges still do want to attract the top talent from around the world lend EDU actually put together a study that found which colleges award the most international financial aid, so you should check out that link in the description to learn more if you’re an international student, and you already have a US school in mind that you want to attend
reach out to that school’s admissions department to see if they have any financial aid options for international students if you’re an international student already enrolled in a U.S. school, but you need more financial aid reach out to your international student advisor or your school’s financial aid office the bottom line is that international students need to begin their financial aid process well before the academic year begins, make it a priority at the same time you’re applying to colleges be sure to look at financial aid options like scholarships and grants before you turn to international student loans with or without a cosigner if you give yourself enough time to do your research and put together your college financing plan accordingly you should hopefully have as a pain-free process as possible.