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Learning App Store Optimization for iOS and Android Apps
ASO Tutorial – Learn ASO For Free – Free Course Site – You’ve written an app and are ready to send it out into the world. But with the 4+ million apps available for iOS and Android, you can’t just press Publish and hope for a hit. To get apps in front of bigger audiences, developers can borrow tips and best practices from the SEO and marketing world. App store optimization (ASO) can help increase your app’s ranking, make it more visible in search results, and make it more appealing to potential customers. And you don’t have to change a lot of code. ASO is all about the words you use, the metadata you assign, the links you identify, and the visuals you choose. Join app developer and marketer Mike Wong as he shares his tips for marketing apps in the App Store and Google Play, using keyword research, indexing, deep linking, outstanding visuals, and other ASO techniques.

Topics include:
Comparing the App Store and Google Play store
How Apple and Google rank your app
Choosing an app name, keywords, and category
Writing a description for your app
App indexing
Deep linking
Creating icons, screenshots, and demo videos
Monitoring ASO performance


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