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Adobe Premiere Tutorials – Learn Adobe Premiere For Free – Free Course
Adobe Premiere Tutorials – Learn Adobe Premiere For Free – Free Course – Explore the evolution and best practices of video delivery on the web. In this course, Tom Green shows how to deliver rich video experiences with ease, going over key concepts that can help web publishers and designers keep their skills sharp. begins by reviewing the somewhat unusual genesis of web video. Next, he reviews the most common video formats, including MP4 and 3GP; shares how to encode quality video that’s optimized for online delivery; and goes over the HTML5 code that enables these experiences. Plus, he shares tips for playing around with video, including how to create and deploy full-screen background videos, makes your videos accessible by adding captions, prepare videos for social media, and more.

Topics include:
What’s new in the latest version of Premiere Pro
Importing media
Organizing assets into bins
Editing and trimming video
Using markers
Editing audio and multicamera footage
Working with stills
Adding effects
Manipulating clip speed
Correcting color
Adding titles
Sharing and exporting your project
Key video formats used to publish on the web
Encoding video that’s optimized for online delivery
HTML5 native video embedding and interaction
Styling video components with CSS
Captioning video
Preparing video for social media
Using Dynamic Link

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