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Adobe After Affects

Adobe After Affects Udemy Course – Learn Adobe After Effects For Free
– how to compare in-camera footage with behind-the-scenes material, and make creative choices about blending them together. He also shares some beautiful special effects for adding flair to visuals. The final chapters show you how to put it all together, and make your Adobe CC workflow even more efficient, with presets.

Topics include:
Assessing your video footage
Repairing and color correcting media
Warming and cooling clips
Shot matching
Workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade, and After Effects
Combining creative visual effects
Reading an audio waveform
Spotting “hit points” in dialog and music
Placing markers
Creating a click track
Cutting, crossfading, and time-warping video to music
Timing visual events to music
Timing animation to music
Converting audio to keyframes
Motion sketching to music

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