Android App Development Course Build 5 Real Android App Course

In This Android Course You Will Build Job Portal Android App, Expense Manager Android App, Online Store Android App

What you’ll learn

Android App Development Course Build 5 Real Android App Course

  • Will Build A Real World Job Portal Android App Using Firebase Database
  • You, Will, Build A Real World Expense Manager Android App Using Firebase Database
  • Will Build A Real World Online Store Android App Using Firebase Database
  • You, Will, Learn Advanced Android Apps Development
  • Will Learn Android Material Design
  • You, Will, have Real World Complete Project
  • Will Become Master On Firebase Database
  • You’ll have a portfolio of Android app to apply for Android developer jobs
  • You, Will, Learn Android Basics To Advanced Features


  • No Need Any previous experience, I will teach from Basics
  • Android Studio
  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer
  • Basics Of Java Language


In This Course, First You Will Learn the Basics of Android. This course is designed to create real World Android Apps.

Here is Some List of Android App That You Are going to develop in this course:

  1. You, Will, Build Real World Job Portal Android App.
  2. Will Build Real World Expense Manager Android App.
  3. You Will Build Real World Online Store Android App.
  4. You Will Build Portfolio Profile Android App.
  5. Will Build Sum Of Number Android App.
  6. You, Will, Build a Custom Material Design Android App.

Here is Some List That You Are Going To Learn In This Android App Development Course:

  • Android Layout Design XML/UI
  • Android Date Picker Dialog
  • The Android Bottom Navigation Bar
  • Android Menu bar
  • Android Fragment, Develop an App Using Android Fragment
  • Develop an Android Project ShowCase App
  • Work With Android Firebase Database
  • Work With Firebase Authentication
  • Android Custom Toolbar
  • Android Scroll View
  • The Android Card View
  • Android Firebase Insert Operation
  • Android Firebase Update Operation
  • The Android Firebase Delete Operation
  • Android FirebaseRecyclerAdapter

Sign Up To This Course and You Will Get:

  1. This Course has 14 Hours Video Content
  2. Project Base Android App Development Video Lectures
  3. This Course has 81 Lectures For Android App Development
  4. Real-World Example of Android Project
  5. Become Master With Android Firebase Database
  6. Develop Complex Android App Using Firebase Database
  7. How To Become an Android App Developer? Step by Step Guide For Android App Development.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Can take this course
  • Who is want to become an Android apps developer
  • Anyone Want to improve their Skills
  • Who is want to work on an IT Company as an Android Apps Developer
  • Who is Want to Build Real World Android App
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