This course can take you from the beginners to learn a variety of video processing skills, including various basic editing techniques, video effects, audio effects, transitions, subtitles and so on.After a few days you will find that you can not only be familiar with using various processing skills, but also increase your creativity and be able to add your own design ideas to your works.Then you can publish your works to YouTube or give them to your friends. You can see their satisfied smile and you can enjoy the surprise that art design brings to you.In this course, I will use my experiences in learning and using these video and audio processing software to guide you to use various techniques in less time. At the same time, I will add some attractive special effects to my courses. Some may be more humorous, some are more elegant, some are more passionate, and some are more horrible. We hope to use a variety of interesting ways to let you learn these skills faster and better.

I hope that I can guide you not only to learn these audio and video processing software, but also to enhance your creativity and inspiration, and to design some works with connotations and ideas.

From this course, you will learn:

·        Start a new project

·        Organize your video, audio, image, sequences and assets

·        Edit your video

·        Use important skills such as keyframe, mask

·        Add visual effects such as keying, color replacement, distortion and so on

·        Add video and audio transition

·        Adjust the color of your footage

·        Add titles and graphics to your footage

·        Sweeten the audio and add some audio effects

·        Export your video 

Get started right now with Premiere Pro CC to create amazing and wonderful works!

Enroll now. See you in the first lecture.

Who is the target audience?

  • You are a beginner and want to learn the video editing as soon as possible.
  • Attracted by multiple wonderful video effects and want to achieve them by yourself.
  • You have deep love for the video and audio design, you enjoy your colorful life and want to render it to be more amazing.
  • The Complete Audio Guide for Video Editors Course


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