Thank God for IT support

Having IT support is like having your own personal car mechanic. The need for a business to have people that can save the day can be incredible. They know what device drivers are. They know how to reload systems, and etc.

When a computer goes black
A computer going black is like a Y2K incident. It might mean the end of the world to them. But simply it just means that the computer needs to be reloaded because it probably has a missing kernel that has gone corruptible and needs to be put back into the system and can’t be done unless the system is reloaded.

How does IT go about reloading a PC?
Reloading a PC is just another day for any small business it support. Reloading a PC happens in 3 steps. The PC is first formatted by a FORMAT C: command. Next a partition which is a segment of the unit. Next the GUI is reloaded back into the system. A GUI is a graphical user interface. So, here are the steps.

1. Format C: which is called the Format command
2. Partition
3. Reload the GUI which is another name for Operating System.

How is this done in a timely manner?
All of this is done now on the operating system disk. All 3 steps is done on the disk now. Now when somebody bought a computer system, they used to make system restoration disks just in case you had to reload the system. In the old days you had to use a floppy disk which had a file called FDISK to get step 2 done.

When the screen goes black
Whatever you do. When the screen goes dark, I repeat; don’t turn off the computer. Leave the computer on so that you can get the computer reloaded and save the day. You want to be able to open your D: drive so that you can put your operating system disk in and the PC will take care of the rest otherwise you will basically have a piece of tin that you can’t do nothing with.

Partition filing format for the operating system
Windows 98 had the FAT filing system for the partition for the operating system. Windows XP had the NTFS filing system which pertains to the partition. Your partition has to have the correct filing system for the GUI otherwise you will run into problems when you are reloading the system.

Pretty colors for the operating system
Before you had GUI’s you had nothing but DOS which was an operating system without the pretty colors and the ability to have a mouse. You really don’t have any colors. What you have is a CPU which executes commands and gives you the illusion that you have a screen with colors, but it is really a dark screen without those pretty colors