Can Your Business Survive a Computer Disaster?

Companies embrace computers in their daily operations and a businessman can’t imagine a life without a computer. Computers are the best thing that has ever happened owing to its storage and data processing capabilities. However, if your business is caught up in a disaster and all the computers are wiped away, will it survive without computers? Your business can stop its operations in case of accidents or disasters if it doesn’t have a business continuity plan.

Cushion your business against accidents and disasters

Businessmen cannot imagine life without computers in the 21st centuries. A first Commercial Computer in the United States was produced in 1951. Since then, the computers evolved to become major parts of people’s lives across the world.

Before the computers were invented, businesses used to survive without them. It is still a good idea to maintain printed resources to complement your company. If an accident occurs and all computers, servers are wiped out, a digital business continuity plan won’t be available for use. You can cushion your business against such disasters by having a business continuity plan outline printed. You will also be on the safer side if you keep few copies offsite in case of a disaster that compromises a building. A simple occurrence such as a power outage can bring operations into a standstill if your business is not prepared.

Computer-less plans

It will take thinking like there is no box to come up with an emergency plan that will ensure operation continuity after an unfortunate event that wiped out computers. As much as working without a computer can be difficult and inefficient, at least customers won’t be turned away or operations won’t come into a standstill in case of a computer disaster. Many retail stores still have their carbon-printing credit card sliders as well as antiquated cash registers in case of an emergency. The banking industry utilizes a non-technical backup plan in the event of an emergency. In the banking industry, banking firms shifts swiftly to paper ledgers in case of a computer disaster.

Your continuity plan

Does your company have protection against ransomware? Can it withstand a disaster that wipes all computers? It is extremely important for company executives to draft manual procedures that guides employees on how to handle such disasters. Once a disaster hits, you will appreciate the importance of employees being trained to go manual and adopting the old fashion of doing business. Your business will be crippled without computers and a continuity plan. In fact, you can use the computer to draft a business continuity plan that will help your company to continue operations even if a disaster hits the whole of Northern Virginia and Washington DC and wipes all computers.

There is no denying that computers are vital to productivity. Computer capability has advanced over time and in the era of automation, it will see it become a backbone to many companies’ operations. With the right IT staff and experts, your business get the technical guidance it needs to survive any technical eventuality.